The Amanda Project benefitting pets in a big way

Originally published by The Western Star on Dec. 18th 2014

Through “The Amanda Project,” which Langdon established after her daughter’s death on Dec. 18, 2008, a number of pet rescue organizations will benefit.

Amanda was a pet lover and an avid volunteer at the former Bay of Islands SPCA.

Langdon said an anonymous donation of $1,000 to the Bay St. George Society for the Care and Protection of Animals in Stephenville has brought up the total.

The remaining money and pet food will go in equal amounts to the Southwest Coast SPCA in Stephenville, the Newfoundland West SPCA in Corner Brook and Scaredy Cat Rescue in Corner Brook. If more money is received, Langdon will bank it towards the July 2015 donation on Amanda’s birthday.

Anyone wanting to make donations up to that date can email Langdon:

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Cox’s Cove Rescue Update

Where it began

What was thought to have been a home housing upwards of 40 cats turned out to be a severe hoarding situation with over 130 cats and kittens in the small community of Cox’s Cove in the Bay of Islands.

A joint effort by all of the rescues in Corner Brook was spear headed by Janice Higgins of Corner Brook Scaredy Cat Rescue and Janet Bennett of Sunshine Kitty Rescue. Nursing mothers, kittens and the very undernourished were the first to be removed from the home. Not an easy task with no facility nor foster homes to place them.

A lot of help

Rescue groups from the St. Anthony area across the island to St. Johns quickly stepped up and have taken 10 – 20 cats and kittens each to help alleviate the strain that this hoarding situation has put on the local groups. To date, approximately 100 cats and kittens have been removed and placed with other rescue groups or are in foster homes. There are still 30+ living in deplorable conditions and it is imperative that they not remain there. Two small kittens have already died and a nursing mother cat is severely ill from a condition that has developed from starvation.

Many thanks to all the wonderful people of Newfoundland and across the country who donated funds for spays, neuters and the care of these precious kitties and for the food donations to feed the ones that are still in the house.

What comes next?

Unfortunately our funds have been depleted and more help is needed to cover the medical cost of the remaining cats. We are also asking for assistance with transporting cats across the island to other rescues. If you are driving to St. John’s, please make room for a couple of carriers.

Monetary donations can be sent to:
e-transfer –
PayPal –